Leadership Coaching

What is Leadership Coaching?

Everyone is a leader — whether of a Fortune 500 company or of your own life. Leadership coaching is designed to assist you with the skills and courage you need to have an intentional, purposeful impact. It is for those who are clear that they want to make a positive difference in their environment. Coaching helps to build on your natural strengths and is designed to help develop key skills such as self awareness, emotional intelligence, relationship agility, and the ability to shape the environment you are in. These skills improve your effectiveness and satisfaction in a wide range of situations. Leadership coaching gets to the soul of your leadership. It is for individuals who care deeply about the impact they are creating in their personal and professional life.

I do not know if I have the words to truly express the impact Donna has had on my life. Her wisdom and coaching are unmatched. She is a soft place to fall, a trampoline from which to rebound, a sturdy supporter. She is masterful as a coach and has had a huge impact on my life as my coach and working with her on my life purpose.

– Kerry G. Bennett, MD, MPH, FACS

Who is Leadership Coaching for?

  • For individuals and business leaders who have discovered their purpose and are ready to make it real in the world.
  • For mid lifers who want to re-invent themselves and are seeking more meaning and purpose
  • For those who are drawn to making a difference and playing a “bigger game”

What started out as a requirement, to have a coach see me through my own coaching certification process, has turned into a 2 year coaching relationship that I cherish. What you taught me is only partly visible by the inch and a half folder of notes that I keep from our calls; but is clearly visible in the smooth transition I’ve made from a career in education to coaching. With patience, sensitivity, humor, keen insight and piercing honesty you guided me, and continue to guide me on a personal and professional journey that is rich and rewarding.

– Judy Elkin, M.Ed., CPCC

What are the benefits of Leadership Coaching?

  • Reaching purposeful goals
  • Increased self confidence
  • Improved effectiveness
  • Self awareness
  • Motivation
  • Improved relationships
  • Flow and synchronicity
  • Deep satisfaction and fulfillment