Legacy Coaching

What is Legacy Coaching

The most powerful legacy we can leave is a purposeful life. Legacy coaching is a natural continuation of knowing and living your purpose. It focuses on creating a lasting impact, having your purpose live on without you. It is the sustainable footprint that you leave behind.

A growing area of interest in recent years is the creation of legacy letters. Legacy letters are one of the most powerful ways to communicate about the meaning you hope your life will have for others. It is a way to capture the essence of your purpose and communicate a lasting legacy from your heart to the heart of those you care about.

I have had the good fortune to work with Donna both on clarifying my life purpose and on creating legacy letters for my family. Coaching sessions with Donna are themselves “sacred conversations”: with amazing sensitivity, intuition, and wisdom she connects with my Highest Self/Soul, encouraging it through her presence and powerful questions to speak its truth about whatever issues show up, from the lofty to the mundane. And I emerge with results – both changed perspectives and tangible products such as a life purpose statement and legacy letters.

– Margaret Newhouse, PhD
Founder of The Life Planning Network

Legacy Letters

Most individuals in mid life and beyond become increasingly aware of the impermanence of life. Looking through the lens of our inevitable death puts life into focus. We see what really matters, and for most of us, our relationships are on the top of that list. Knowing that we don’t have forever creates a sense of urgency to make the most of our time and to have a lasting impact. Legacy letters are gifts that benefit both the giver and receiver.

Taking time to sit and reflect on your life and leave a lasting message to the world is not only a beautiful gift for others but an amazing process for your own soul. By writing to those who outlive you, your words become a bridge between the past and the future. You feel a deep sense of peace and completion. Your loved ones are empowered by your written affirmation of what they mean to you.

Who is Legacy Coaching for?

Everyone who is willing to take this courageous step!

No one knows what life will hold for them, and no one knows how much or little time they have in this life. Many people realize only when their end is near that they care about their legacy. Then too often they are no longer in a position to communicate about it with their friends and family. Legacy coaching offers the opportunity to be thoughtful and deliberate about making a lasting impact on others in a unique way of your choosing.

What are the benefits of Legacy Coaching?

  • Satisfaction of knowing that your purposeful impact will continue past your lifetime
  • Compassion and connection as we accept that we are all on this brief journey together
  • A deep sense of peace and completion
  • Increased gratitude and celebration for the gift of a life
  • The personal growth that comes from deep reflection and connection to what matters most